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About Mass Transfer Systems

Since 1984, Mass Transfer Systems (MTS) has been supplying jet aeration and mixing systems to industries and municipalities throughout the world. The majority of our product consist of "engineered systems" for biological and other waste treatment processes and a variety of industrial mixing applications.

In 1995, MTS began offering a product line of submerisible self-aspirating aerators to provide oxygen for both municipal and industrial biological and other waste treatment processes. The submersible self-aspirating aerator does not require a forced air system (ie. blowers) and is easily installed into existing treatement tanks with little or no modification to the tank.

Engineering Experience

Our talented, experienced professionals support our product line from our USA headquarters located in Walpole, Massachusetts. MTS employs degreed engineers in environmental, chemical, and mechanical disiplines to review applications, design systems, and provide customer support.

Our Locations

Company Headquarters - Walpole, Massachusetts, USA
Mass Transfer Systems
23 Walpole Park South
Walpole, Massachusetts 02081 USA
Tel: 001 (508) 660-9150
Fax: 001 (508) 660-9151

Our Walpole, Massachusetts, USA headquarters is home to all of our design and applications engineering, technical services as well as the manufacturing facility for the MTS Aspirator Submersible Self-Aspirating Aerators.

Fiberglass Manufacturing and Sales - Denmark, South Carolina, USA
Mass Transfer Systems
11746 Charleston-Augusta Road
Denmark, South Carolina 29042 USA
Tel: 001 (803) 793-0340
Fax: 001 (803) 793-4332

Our Denmark, South Carolina, USA facility is the location of our fiberglass manufacturing facility, where all of our fiberglass jet aeration and jet mixing systems are assembled. The Denmark facilty has been in operation since 1972 manufacturing key components required for our jet systems, such as pipe, elbows, flanges, and custom fabrication such as air ducts and jet nozzles. The Denmark facility is also houses our Southern USA sales offices.

Stainless Steel Manufacturing - Ramsey, New Jersey, USA
Mass Transfer Systems
25 Arrow Road
Ramsey, New Jersey 07446 USA

Our Ramsey, New Jersey, USA facility is the location of our stainless steel manufacturing factory, where all of our stainless steel components for our jet systems are fabricated. The Ramsey facilty has been in operation since 1984 manufacturing key components required for our jet systems, such as manifold pipe supports and any type of custom designed stainless steel brackets that may be required to install our systems.

The MTS Advantage

Unlike our competition, MTS has complete control over the manufacture of the in-tank components for our jet aeration and jet mixing systems starting with the raw materials. Our Denmark, South Carolina facility manufactures all of the individual components that make up a MTS jet aeration or jet mixing system, from the FRP pipe to the FRP fittings, to the jet nozzles. Our Ramsey, New Jersey facility manufactures all of our stainless steel components, from custom brackets to standard manifold supports. Not being dependent on sub-suppliers for the individual components of our systems provides MTS with a distinct advantage with respect to quality, delivery, and price.